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CFO Services

Company Budget / Forecast 

  • Annual Budget & Quarterly Forecasts
  • A decision making tool
    • Can we hire that support staff?
    • Can we bid at that rate(s)?
    • What happens at if we win or lose that contract?
  • Forecast / Budget model developed in JED Forecasts Lab modified for each clients structure and system
Pricing Develoment
  • Price to Win analysis - How aggressive do we have to be to win?
    • Sole source, set aside, or full & open?
    • What is the contract type & evaluation criteria?
    • How many bidders do we have to beat?
    • What might the other biddere be willing to do?
  • How aggressive can we be to win?
    • What is the impact on indirect rates if we win? (Forecast model)
  • What does the customer want / hot buttons?
  • What rates are our teammates willing to bid?
Monthly Financial Brief
  • Review of P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Review of actual vs budget & forecast
  • Identification of issues & opportunities to improve perfromance
  • Pipeline discussion - where is our growth going to come from?
Coordination, Consultation, and Advice
  • Discussions with business  0wners
  • Guidance for internal accounting staff
  • Coordination with external CPA
    • Annual audit / review
    • GAAP & DCAA compliance
    • Indirect cost structure
    • Yearend tax planning
    • Issues as they arise

Great work takes a unified team effort with goals that are realistic and achievable.  You helped to lay out the strategy and priorities that were key to our success.  Thank you!

 You stepped in last year at the perfect time to support Starks Industries with CFO services.  As a result, we have made significant financial management progress and could not be where we are today without you.  Thanks again!"

Tony Starks

President, Starks Industries


Thanks Jed!  We never could have priced to win the Cyber Security Contract without you!

Ric Spence

President, Secure Innovations

"JEDForecasts has provided Brown Secure Technologies with highly professional accounting support.  This support has been especially critical for costing support in proposal development as well as development of forecasts to understand and obtain corporate financial goals.  I certainly appreciate all the hard work you have done to help my company!"

Mike Brown

President, Brown Secure Technologies, LLC

Data Driven Decision Making